We are a research and design studio, focussed on the human nature of the built environment. Informed by the latest research, we provide a full range of services from brief development to post-occupancy analysis, including the award-winning design of adaptive, high-performance environments. In addition, we provide expert design review services for our commercial and government clients. Our broad range of experience includes: workplace, learning, health, aged care, museum, community, and retail applications.

What do you need to know?

Before changing your built environment, we help you to learn more about your people, your place and how the two are connected. We provide you with the knowledge you need, to inform your decisions in an evolving world

Design that works

We take a collaborative, evidence-based approach, to produce award-winning, high-performance environments that can adapt to our client’s changing needs.

EBD Journal

The EBD Journal provides access to invaluable, up-to-date research, in a format that is useful for clients, design consultants and academics.