Driven by the emergence of digital technology, the world has experienced unprecedented social change—one that has placed extraordinary demands on our urban, work, retail, health and learning environments. Previously defined spatial and social boundaries are becoming more complex, interwoven and in a constant state of change. In this context, conventional design and delivery methods are no longer effective.

Founded by Dr Darragh O’Brien, EBD emerged out of the award winning Spatial Research Group, which he also established at Monash University in 2004. We now operate as an independent consultancy, working with our clients to create informed strategies and design outcomes that can adapt to their evolving needs.

At EBD we have developed unique data-gathering tools that provide deeper insight into the predictable and unpredictable ways in which our environments can effect the way people think, feel and act.

We focus on the performative qualities of the built environment; how our spaces shape and support our experiences and how we, in turn, shape them.

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Dr Darragh O’Brien