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Broadmeadows Urban Centre

A two-stage Urban Design Competition

EBD’s masterplan developed from the concept that a sustainable community and its urban centre are mutually defined.   So, at the heart of this proposal lies a sheltered public square;  an open-ended space that connects the centre with its hinterland;  a gathering place where a community might find an expression for its identity.  The result is a continuous network of fluid public spaces that extend from one end of the site to the other,  passing through,  under and around the co-existing built forms.


Our proposed response for stage 2 considers the rejuvenation of the existing Town Hall as a Centre for the Performing Arts,  one that incorporates community and education facilities.  The design is conceived as a new translucent skin that respectfully wraps itself around the sober brick facade of a utilitarian architecture.  The creation of a central Atrium helps to establish a respectful space of co-existence between the old and the new buildings.   Media images animate the night-time surfaces above the new entry.


Broadmeadows continues to evolve as a living community.  On this site,  new and embedded cultures co-exist.  At ground level, interchangeable gallery,  function and meeting spaces open out to the street:  a visible place from which new communities can establish themselves,  at their own pace.