EBD provides design advice for government, commercial, university, health and community clients. Our evidence-based strategies inform the decision-making process for significant design projects: from urban placemaking, to the future shape of learning and workplace.  Our services include:

  • Trend Analysis.
  • Space utilisation and optimisation.
  • Place Making.
  • Architectural Design Brief and Concepts.
  • Expert Design Review.
  • Post-Occupancy Analysis.
employees who cite the workplace as the most significant attractor in selecting a job.
Baby Boomers who would consider moving to live with their families.

Our Clients


Do you want a glimpse, or do you need to understand the cause?

EBD employ a wide range of unique data gathering tools, tailored to the level of detailed information required by our clients. Our methods include:  literature reviews, case studies, activity mapping, and an ethnographic approach to workshops and on-line discussions.

  • If you need a detailed insight into space-utilisation, our digitally generated, Real-Time Activity Mapping (RTAM) will provide the information that you need.
  • Our comprehensive literature reviews identify all that is known* about a required topic, illustrated by up-to-date, local and international case studies.
  • We provide independent, expert, design review services, for government and commercial clients, where probity is critical.
  • We produce unbiased, post-occupancy analysis of completed design projects, to ascertain the effectiveness of the design, inform future modifications, and develop a detailed brief for larger projects.

* academic and professional research that has moved beyond theory, into tested application; often refereed to as Action Research.

Real-time, anonymous activity mapping
ABW Experience in the Australian Public Service
The Future of Aged Care in Australia